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The latest from TrailManor

October 2020 Newsletter

Greetings from the ‘Land of Harvest’! Our colony’s crops are being combined – hopefully we’ll be ready for winter in another month! The mild weather is permitting an early harvest this year and even though we need rain badly, our crops have faired well. Sorry [Read More]

August 2020 Newsletter

It is August in South Dakota! Not only can you tour our TrailManor factory (any week day), you can join in with the bikers at the 80th annual Sturgis Rally (August 7-16) – and eat the best watermelon you will ever find at Forestburg (beginning August [Read More]

July 2020 Newsletter

We have a barn swallow nest on the front porch. The newly hatched fledglings can now peek over the nest; one day soon they will take their first flight. They are incredible little creatures that somehow migrate from here in South Dakota to as far away [Read More]

June 2020 Newsletter

Greetings from South Dakota once again – The first half of 2020 going fast! Camping just seems to be the VERY BEST thing to be doing these days of unrest... first the pandemic – now the riots. We agree with the protests but the riots are [Read More]

May 2020 Newsletter

The numbers 2020 refer to perfect vision but with the world’s fallout from COVID-19 and hearing so many varying opinions it is difficult to stay focused. All of this has had a negative impact on your spring camping plans. We hope it all works out for [Read More]

April 2020 Newsletter

First thing we do every morning is to check the websites for COVID-19 updates! We’ll be happy when we are back to checking for new TrailManor orders first thing! Actually, so far, our sales have been steady and we’ve been keeping the supply up with the [Read More]

March 2020 Newsletter

Coronavirus is leading all news stories. President Trump declared a National Emergency today; South Dakota’s Governor Noem declared the same for South Dakota. We are pleased that our leaders are taking action to curb the spread of this dreaded virus. We trust this virus doesn’t affect [Read More]

February 2020 Newsletter

Twenty some years ago people who owned TrailManor travel trailers formed an organization they named ‘The TrailBlazers’. Soon members from around the country created chapters for their regions. These ‘chapters’ adopted names for their local clubs and each year they plan trips and events for their [Read More]

January 2020 Newsletter

Greetings from the VERY cold state of South Dakota! We think that we have had our share of snow and cold but the weather forecasters say differently! Our bird feeders empty really fast – I wonder where they would get their food without our feeders! Our [Read More]

December 2019 Newsletter

In the past newsletters we’ve talked quite a bit about the weather we’ve had here this year – we’ve had more rain than any year in recorded history, the farmers say this is the worst year they have ever lived through, we are now having record [Read More]

November 2019 Newsletter

Already it is the month of Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving…. and ICE & SNOW! Because of the extremely wet climate this year, the field work is not finished and some of the men who normally work in the factory have to help in the fields. We [Read More]

October 2019 Newsletter

Check out our new brochure on! It includes our newest Model 2518 series trailers or you can always call our office to request one to be mailed to you. Many of you keep a few on hand and share them. Let us know if/when you [Read More]

September 2019 Newsletter

The weather hasn’t been bad enough to dampen our spirits here at the TrailManor factory even though we have had a lot more than rain this month! Some bridges were washed out, some roads under water and more roads impassable for a time. The reports say [Read More]

August 2019 Newsletter

Greetings from the TrailManor factory. It has been a busy summer. We had a little ‘bump in the road’ when a hail storm did damage to some of our new trailers. The good thing was that there were merely small dimples on the tops so they [Read More]

July 2019 Newsletter

Our Model 2518 series is back by popular demand! This model has 25 feet of living space inside when open and it is 18 feet in length for storage and/or towing. We brought it back because we continue to get so many requests for it. A [Read More]

June 2019 Newsletter

Hopefully you are having some great camping experiences this camping season. We are definitely enjoying some great weather here in South Dakota and the campsites are very active. We are happy to report that next year's July 4, 2020) Fourth of July festivities at the Mount [Read More]

May 2019 Newsletter

The cold wintery weather just did not want to leave this part of the USA! It has been quite a few years ago that we had snow fall in May but here it was this year! Our local electric supplier reported that it has been a [Read More]

April 2019 Newsletter

April Showers have been BIG this year. The downpours came when the ground was still frozen which created a lot of damage to bridges, roads, farms and some homes. All that was followed by a pretty big blizzard! Our neighboring state of Nebraska was hit especially [Read More]

March 2019 Newsletter

Greetings from South Dakota – Home of TrailManor! What a month February was! Several of us toured Patrick Industries in Elkhart Indiana the first part of the month. The people there were genuinely hospitable and helpful. We learned quite a bit about new materials and we [Read More]

February 2019 Newsletter

Six new 2019 TrailManors looking for a home!! February, 2019 Greetings from: TM Industries, LLC dba TrailManor South Dakota has been really, really cold the past few weeks. The wind-chill is 40% below zero and actual temps at 23% below zero… and it doesn’t appear to [Read More]

Thanks for stopping by to see us at these recent shows. We’ll keep you updated when new events are added to the schedule!

Nashville RV Super Show
January 24-26 2020
Music City Center
201 5th Ave South
Nashville, TN

Alabama RV Super Show
February 14-16 2020
Von Braun Center
700 Monroe ST SW
Huntsville, AL

Birmingham RV Super Show
Feb 21-23 2020
Lacey Arena at the BJCC
1001 19th St N
Birmingham, AL

Milwaukee RV show
Wisconsin Exposition Center
8200 W. Greenfield, West Allis, WI
Feb.27, 28, 29 and March 1
Look for Trailmanors at the Prossers RV display

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