And just like that HERE IS WINTER!

We aren’t complaining –  the past week held daily temperatures of 70° and higher so we had some extra time to prepare for what the weatherman says is coming!

Good news – today Pfizer announced they have a vaccine for Covid-19!

Interesting news – the election doesn’t appear to be over.

Colony News – Harvest is done – (great harvest by the way).

TrailManor Factory News – Getting close to having materials we need for building trailers. This pandemic has raised havoc with some of our suppliers. Our order for more air conditioners has been a real challenge as well as fabric for curtains/upholstery. It is now looking much better.

More factory news – happy to report the table leg issue has been resolved!

Upcoming RV Shows – We plan to be at the Florida RV Super Show in Tampa; the Nashville, Huntsville and Birmingham RV Shows the first of 2021; The Pittsburg RV Show in January (all these of course depend on what is going on with the Covid virus). Watch our facebook page and TrailManor website for dates and times.

We are working to get several more dealers on the east coast.

Interest in TrailManor travel trailers grew immensely during 2020 and we expect that to continue even more in 2021.

We wish each of you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

– Paul Wipf