First thing we do every morning is to check the websites for COVID-19 updates! We’ll be happy when we are back to checking for new TrailManor orders first thing! Actually, so far, our sales have been steady and we’ve been keeping the supply up with the demand; however, we are experiencing issues getting inventory like air conditioners and other supplies due to the Covid-19 virus right now and don’t expect be able to get more until early to mid May.

As you may be aware, our factory is housed at the Upland Hutterite Colony in South Dakota. We are a closed community so we are not exposed to people other that those with whom we share the colony. We still practice the federal guidelines to stay safe in this pandemic; however, the likelihood of COVID-19 coming in here is limited.

On our TrailManor face book page we’ve read about some of you being all packed up and ready to go camping when you got word that your campground had been closed! We especially enjoyed seeing the alternative plans that many of you have made. Hopefully, very soon, this will all be behind us and reduced to a mere memory. In the meantime it is a great time to catch up with some projects we’ve put off – like reading that good book!

This also may be a good time for us to look in on all the You Tube videos about TrailManor travel trailers. There are some really interesting videos demonstrating some very good ideas for enhancement. Creativity may be one of the most valued abilities that we have.

RV magazines are reporting that RV camping is WAY UP. That makes sense to us. It is a good time to take advantage of low gas prices and go camping in the fresh air. Gas prices are somewhere around $1.30/gallon right now which means you can tow your TrailManor one hundred miles for just an extra $1.30!  Other RV stories have been about the industry supporting the fight against this virus.

The federal government is being pro-active to assist everyone. The RV industry will be helped by the Coronavirsus Air, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act). That bill temporarily increases the amount of interest expense businesses are allowed to deduct on their tax returns, by increasing the 30% limitation to 50% of taxable income for 2019 and 2020. (from an article in RV Business Magazine)


We enjoy hearing from you. Follow the guidelines our leaders have given us to stay healthy.

Until next month…

Paul Wipf