As promised in our last newsletter, here we are again – this time in an all-NEW YEAR; hopefully 2023 will be a year filled with good health and much happiness for each of us.

Christmas season was filled with a lot of cancellations because of winter weather. We also endured a wicked storm to start the new year. We need moisture, so snow is welcome. We don’t necessarily enjoy the tremendous winds that have accompanied the snowstorms!

We are all getting geared up for upcoming RV Shows. It will be great to meet and greet many of you at some of the shows. Watch our Facebook page and our website for upcoming RV shows with TrailManor units.

Because of the structure of our travel trailers, there are seldom big changes to talk about. The integrity of the trailer is always maintained. The new toilet is a plus, the color schemes are very popular. Our trailer is light enough to be towed with most minivans, crossovers, or SUVs. On average, it takes only one extra gallon of gas to tow a TrailManor travel trailer 100 miles because of its light weight. Not only is it lightweight, but there is also no wind resistance when towing because it folds down.

We appreciate the stories we hear about how easy and quick it is to set up a TrailManor. Customers love how they can set one up in the rain and nothing inside gets wet. Customers also share how they love having the amenities of a camper such as a full kitchen, bathroom, and plenty of living and sleeping space. We always agree that a TrailManor is the smarter way to camp.

Congratulations to Jacob Waldner (Plant Manager) and Adam Waldner (Service Manager) and their wives on the arrival of new baby boys.

Maybe you are out snowmobiling, skiing, ski boarding, sleigh riding, ice-skating or doing some other winter sport. If so, have a great time!

Happy New Year!

Paul Wipf