We are pleased with factory operations – which includes the ability to obtain needed materials. We’ve even seen pricing decreases on a few of the materials we use. Perhaps ‘normal’ is returning. I know we’ve said it before, but we must say once again that we are happy to have the niche market that we enjoy because there is ‘talk’ in the camping manufacturing industry of layoffs because of the decline in sales. Our niche market allows our sales to remain steady through all the market ups and downs.

As we enter another fall season, we are reminded again of how quickly time passes. We hope you have had a wonderful camping year so far and that you can take advantage of more travels to enjoy fall foliage and cooler weather. We trust that the heat wave in our southern states simmers and cool weather returns there soon.

Because of our farming operations, we are enjoying the fresh vegetable harvest from our gardens. We will soon see the big machines move out into the fields to harvest the crops.  It is a great time of year.

If you haven’t yet joined the TrailManor TrailBlazer’s Club, it may be the perfect time to do it. The link to their website is HERE. Being a member of this club is a perfect way to stay in touch with other TrailManor owners and a great way to plan trips where you will meet people with your same interests. We enjoy reading their quarterly newsletter that is filled with information about their travels, plans for rallies, etc.  On their website, they have information on how to join them as well as links to other information.

Until next month we wish you the best.

Paul Wipf