Already it is the month of Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving…. and ICE & SNOW! Because of the extremely wet climate this year, the field work is not finished and some of the men who normally work in the factory have to help in the fields. We are working hard to keep up with orders for the all-new TrailManor travel trailer.

We aren’t surprised that our Model 2518 series is proving to be very popular with dealers and customers alike because we had so many requests to bring the smaller units back. Thank you for telling us what you like. We listen.

We are progressing smoothly with the 2518 model, should be 10 or more rolling out soon!

We are excited to have two new dealers.

1302 S. Federal Blvd
Riverton, Wyoming
(They will build their TrailManor inventory to be ready for spring)

VAN CITY RV 1426 Selix Grove
Colorado Springs, Colorado
(They will be adding TrailManor inventory to their other stores in St. Louis, MO, Las Vegas, NV and Kalispell, MT in the future – we’ll keep you posted)

Watch for next month’s newsletter where we will be introducing another Factory Representative. Right now Bob Eickhoff and Jim Schultz cover the entire country. With another representative we will be able to expand our dealer base (which is what you have been asking for).

A quick reminder that it is a good idea to keep the top of your TrailManor cleared of snow accumulation. A problem could occur as the snow melts then freezes. Also, don’t stand on the top of your Trailmanor. (Look at last month’s newsletter for information on where you can get a cover for your TrailManor.) The TrailManor’s Owner’s Forum has very good advice from experienced owners about winterizing your TrailManor. That Forum is linked on our website.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Until next month…

Paul Wipf