The cold wintery weather just did not want to leave this part of the USA! It has been quite a few years ago that we had snow fall in May but here it was this year! Our local electric supplier reported that it has been a record year for power usage! The bad weather certainly interfered with OPEN HOUSES we had planned with several dealers. Well, enough negative about the winter. We hope that you have had suitable camping weather where you are.

Great news! We are welcoming JERRY’S AUTO SALES in Lennox South Dakota this week as a new dealer.( – 605-553-6941 – located on Highway 17 in Lennox. They have already delivered their first TrailManor travel trailer – we say Congratulations!

At the factory, we have begun manufacturing our own cabinets. Prior to this we contracted that work. It is working very well; we are certain that as we are, you too will be impressed.

The new colors incorporated on the floors, cabinets, upholstery & curtains and on the walls have also worked out very well.

We enjoy seeing the renovations some of you share on TrailManor Fans facebook page. It is interesting to see how great your ideas work.

We enjoy your travel and camping posts of our facebook page. Thank you for taking the time to share. Several people have called the TrailManor travel trailer the ‘Tardis’ (from Doctor Who) because of how compact it is until it is opened. Others tell us that opening their TrailManor at the campsite usually draws an audience. Thanks for sharing with us.

Until next month, we wish you happy trails.

Paul Wipf