We asked for moisture and oh boy have we got it! We’ve had some torrential downpours coupled with wind, thunder, lightning and tornado warnings! The river is full and one of the roads to the colony/factory has flooded over the bridge. The moisture is great for the crops and we hope the moisture will continue throughout the summer.

The weather didn’t seem to thwart camping over this past rainy, chilly three-day weekend. I imagine that there have been a lot of bonfires and winter clothing necessary but it seems worth it to be in the elements. The swimming pools are now open but empty; NO ONE is willing to swim in the cold water.  By next week temperatures will perhaps be in the 90’s again! Midwest weather is always unpredictable!

We have started shipping 2023 TrailManor travel trailer models. Our production still remains behind sales but we constantly work to catch up. Thankfully the lack of materials has lessened. Right now we are finding a challenge getting our aluminum wheels; they are manufactured in China. It would be wonderful if all manufacturing returned to the USA!

We just commemorated Memorial Day – a day to reflect on our country’s freedom and the price so many have paid for that freedom. A day to be thankful.

We look forward to your visits at the factory. We hope your summer goes just how you plan it.

Until July…. We wish you a HAPPY SUMMER!

Paul Wipf