“What’s news at the factory”, you may be asking. Well, for one thing, it is HOT up here! It seems as though our spring weather turned into heat awfully quick. We are in great need of rain. Thank goodness for air conditioning inside the factory. It makes working the long days much easier.

We are still behind with production even though we have more people working here. Some men who ordinarily work at the dairy operation came here to help out. The dairy operations (except for what the colony families use) closed down.

We are pleased that sales continue to climb. We are also pleased that the material shortage created by Covid-19 is over (for the most part) BUT we are not so pleased that material costs have gone up and climbing. It is a mad scramble to keep up with all these things. Not complaining, just letting you know what is happening at the factory.

Good news. We have opened two new dealers:

2288 E 400 N
St. Anthony Idaho

5400 Fort Campbell Road
Hopkinsville Kentucky

An interesting fact about the owner of Henry’s Forks Homes: Our factory rep (Bob Eickhoff) is there this weekend for an open house event. He learned that the owner (Brandon Bair – a former NFL football player) just last month performed a heroic act there in Idaho. He saved a young man from a flaming truck that was struck by a train. We googled the story and we are proud to do business with such a selfless person.

JUNE! The month when the longest day of the year occurs. This year the longest day of the year will occur on June 20th. The sun will shine for more than 17 hours! Get ready to celebrate the summer solstice – then just two weeks later, celebrate our country’s INDEPENDENCE DAY.

If you are planning to be in South Dakota for July 4th you may not be able to see fireworks at Mount Rushmore however. Our governor wants fireworks displayed there but a judge has ruled against it. We’ll wait to see what happens.

We just received the TrailBlazer Club’s publication – THE TIDINGS – We appreciate hearing about the gatherings and plans for future gatherings that these clubs plan and schedule. If you aren’t already a member of that group, you should consider it. You can find a link to their organization on our website.

I heard something that makes so much sense… It went something like this: “Keep in mind you need to check your camper for loose caulking plus other things that can come loose…remember when your camper goes down the road it is as though it has been in an earthquake because of the bumps and potholes along the way.”

Until next month,

Paul Wipf