Who would think that our country would be going through such turmoil with an election? It has been interesting (and sometimes difficult) to be a bystander to all this. We’ll see how it plays out.

The Covid-19 vaccine is finally here. It almost seems impossible that so much has been produced in such a short time. It has to be stored in 95 degree below zero temperature so that certainly must be a challenge. What an interesting world we live in.

It is almost difficult to fully concentrate just on our business these last days with all the above going on but when we do, we realize just how fortunate we are and how great it has been. We’ve had our shortest daylight day so now every day gets us closer to spring and camping weather. We are excited!

Really nothing new to report from the factory. All the year end jobs are completed and we have been shipping TrailManor units to dealers who are getting ready for RV shows and for their customers. Our sales emails are beginning to pick up in number and we have been mailing a lot of brochures to people who are requesting them.

A lot of people email or call us to get the exact outside dimensions of the closed TrailManor because they want to make certain it will fit into their garage before they purchase. Many neighborhoods won’t allow an RV to be parked outside and people prefer to not spend money for RV storage. The fact that our trailers collapse into a size that will fit into a garage has always been a huge selling point.

It snowed the day before Christmas, so in South Dakota, we did have a white Christmas. We are going into the new year of 2021 with high hopes that we can back to ‘normal’ very soon.

We are happy to report that the TrailBlazer Clubs are going ahead with their rally plans. If you aren’t a ‘TrailBlazer’ you should look in on their website and learn how to join the chapter in your area. They have some great plans for the upcoming months.

Trusting that each of you are healthy and are gearing up to do something special for your valentine in a few weeks.


Paul Wipf