Welcome 2022 – Happy New Year!

‘Tis the season for RV SHOWS! Please check our website for the upcoming RV Shows where we are scheduled! Hope to see you there!

It has been really really quiet over the holidays here at the factory. We have had several inhouse service appointments and a trinkle of parts orders. We are still waiting on some of our materials; seems that when we finally get a shipment of one order we discover we are on hold for a different one. I guess this remains one of the fallouts from Covid-19!  We expect that things will pick up now that we have moved into a new year.

ToiletEXCITING NEWS for everyone who has asked for a vented toilet! With the exception of the Models in the 25 Series, all models from now on will have the new Seland Dometic m28 toilet that is vented and has its own inside 9.5 black water tank. Our customers have asked for this forever and with the assistance of knowledgeable people and the blessings of RVIA we were able to make it happen.  These new toilets can be retrofitted (call our Service/Parts Office at 605-239-4002).

The RV news sources continuously remind their readers to begin making reservations NOW for the upcoming camping season. Evidently there are shortages of camping spots. We know how quickly time flees so we pass that reminder on to you.

Stay warm and enjoy your time in doors! Until next month….

Paul Wipf