We wish you all a very wonderful Christmas season!

All is well at the factory.  Our sales continue to be steady even though the industry is reporting there is a saturation of campers on dealers lots. Our unique travel trailer continues to carry us onward.

I guess we are no exception to all who need medical care. Sales rep, Bob Eickhoff, has been in the hospital after an accident, factory foreman, Jacob Waldner, was hospitalized for surgery and now I have my turn in the hospital after surgery.  It is great to have people in the medical professions that take care of our needs! I’m glad to report that we are on the mend and doing well.

Everyone around us is getting ready for Christmas once again. There are a lot of Christmas programs and community events going on and some great sales available. This would be a great time for families to buy a TrailManor for a family present. It would be a gift that could pile up a lot of wonderful experiences and memories to last a lifetime.

Our dealers are busy preparing for the upcoming RV Shows around the country. Hopefully you will be able to attend one or more of those shows and can stop by one of their exhibits.

Even though this is a short message, the wishes are BIG for a wonderful Christmas for you and yours.


Paul Wipf