Greetings from the TrailManor factory.

It has been a busy summer. We had a little ‘bump in the road’ when a hail storm did damage to some of our new trailers. The good thing was that there were merely small dimples on the tops so they were very salable. Some customers got very good discounts.

Our newest model – MODEL 2518 – has proven to be very popular! We are in the process of making new brochures that include photos, specifications and floor plans. As soon as we have that brochure in hand we’ll have it published on our website.

To those of you who visited us at the factory, thank you. It is always good to meet our customers in person and we like hearing about your travels.

We knew it would take a while to gain our footing with this ‘new to us’ manufacturing company; we are now at the threshold – we can feel it. Thank you for your faith in this product and in us.

Our Service/Parts office now has David in charge. So far it seems to be a good fit. He has worked in the factory all along so he understands the mechanics of the trailers.

Watch our website to see the new interior color schemes every where – on the walls, floors, cabinets, upholstery and curtains! They are very snappy and comfortable to the eye.

This fall promises to be filled with great weather for camping – we’ll be watching for your posts on our Facebook page.

Paul Wipf