Twenty some years ago people who owned TrailManor travel trailers formed an organization they named ‘The TrailBlazers’. Soon members from around the country created chapters for their regions. These ‘chapters’ adopted names for their local clubs and each year they plan trips and events for their members. Every three years one of those chapters hosts a big RALLY in their area which gives everyone the opportunity to travel out of their area and experience another part of the USA.

What a great opportunity to have someone else plan a camping experience for you! Each quarter this organization creates a publication they title THE TIDINGS.  That publication takes the reader to different locations and all kinds of adventures and experiences. Last month’s edition holds all the particulars for upcoming rallies and events. If you aren’t a member of a TrailBlazer Club yet, it might be something you strongly consider. We have a link (under Resources) to the TrailBlazer Club on our website if you are interested to know more.

Already, the 2020 Super Bowl and the Impeachment are history; Valentine’s Day is fast approaching AND we are having a count down ‘til spring! Alas winter is finally and at last drawing to a close. The news carries stories about the flu, the Cornonavirus and the like but we choose to be pro-active and think positive. Hopefully that is the same for you and yours.

We experienced some difficulties with our Service/Parts phone line and were unable to identify what the problem is/was. PLEASE, if you are unable to get through on that line (605-239-4002) PLEASE send an email to david@trailmanor.comwith your name and phone number and we’ll get back to you. As you may be aware, David Wurtz leads our Service/Parts area. We are excited to announce a new member to his family – baby boy Skylar who joined his brother, Hosea, just one month ago. Congratulations to David & Krista.

Our 2021 TrailManor models will be introduced in May! The new toilets in those models are called SEALAND TRAVELER GRAVITY FLOW M28 TOILET WITH 9.5 GALLON HOLDING TANK. The drain is connected to the dump valve. We believe these toilets are an improvement.

Our reps have been busy at RV Shows and with dealers. Check the tab on the front page of our website for show listings. We’ve been to Nashville RV Show, at Comos RV in Inverness FL and right now we are gearing up for the Alabama Super Show in Huntsville THIS weekend. We’ll also  be at the Birmingham RV Show and at the Milwaukee RV Show in West Allis, WI. Once again, please watch for more upcoming shows on our website.


Until next month……

Paul Wipf