Greetings from South Dakota – Home of TrailManor!

What a month February was! Several of us toured Patrick Industries in Elkhart Indiana the first part of the month. The people there were genuinely hospitable and helpful. We learned quite a bit about new materials and we are excited to incorporate some of the ideas they shared.

We attended quite a few RV Shows and met with many of you. Thank you, by the way, for coming out to meet with us and see the new TrailManor travel trailer.

RV PRO magazine placed a full page ad for TrailManor and we duplicated that ad on our Facebook page. The ad has brought a good deal of interest.

Another ad for TrailManor is scheduled for Trailer Life magazine. Look for us there!

We’ve revived our Instagram page and are pleased with all of you who have looked in on our posts.

This has been a very long winter; we’ve had a lot of snow and many days with sub zero weather so the word – spring – has a welcome ring to it for us and for many of you as well. Very soon we’ll all be out looking for a good camping spot with our TrailManors… maybe even get in some good fishing.

Remember you can schedule a ‘tune up’ for your TrailManor here at the factory. Just call 605-239-4002. If you don’t do that, be sure to check all the seals in your TrailManor and replace any that are needed. Also always check your tires. Every year we have units in for repair because a tire has blown.

We have an extra hour of sunlight every evening now that we’ve sprung forward. Hopefully we can all make good use of that.

Until next month… Paul Wipf