Greetings from the ‘Land of Harvest’! Our colony’s crops are being combined – hopefully we’ll be ready for winter in another month! The mild weather is permitting an early harvest this year and even though we need rain badly, our crops have faired well.

Sorry to report that Covid-19 has had a negative impact on our SD population. Each day we hear of more positive cases. Our governor still holds to her beliefs that the numbers are not accurate. Last week she reported the small percentages in each age category that have been impacted here in South Dakota. According to the SD Health Dept. website’s calculations .01% of all positive tests have resulted in death. We continue to be as safe as we can. Hope you are doing the same.

Sales for new TrailManor units are steadily HIGH; as a result, we are behind in production by about 29 days! If you are considering purchasing a new TrailManor we recommend that you get to your dealers A.S.A.P. to grab their existing inventory.

October 12 was Columbus Day for most everyone; here in South Dakota we celebrated Native American Day. By the time we write our next newsletter we’ll have celebrated Halloween and many of you will have your TrailManor under canvas or in storage, but hopefully you have some good camping days remaining prior to that.

The latest RV PRO magazine had a good amount of articles regarding AFTERMARKET RV CARE. I’ll share some of the links for you to look in on to see if any of these products are of interest to you for your TrailManor.

And of course remember TrailManor’s Parts/Service Department can help with many of your needs – or 605-239-4002.

Well, there you go….Hopefully one or more of these products will help you.

Until next month,

Paul Wipf