Whew! May Day, Cinco De Mayo, Mother’s Day all in a row! We hope you have been able to enjoy these special times. Now graduations are lining up en masse. It is a busy month.

Our Service/Parts Department has been very busy scheduling service work and shipping parts orders. It is a good sign that a lot of you ‘out there’ are gearing up for camping trips.

We made a recent trip to California; the scenery between here and there is remarkable. We can only imagine how exciting it must be to study geology and geography. Our world is an amazing place that holds such vast differences from place to place.

The colony farming operations here are in full swing; crops are planted and the much needed rain that recently fell will give them a good growth start.

Prices have increased dramatically for not only seeds and other products needed for farming as well as for RV materials; but, for gas, food and housing. Interest rates have taken a hike too. Finances, these past months, have been affected negatively for all of us. All this has created the need to increase the price on TrailManors too.

The supply chain that has been jammed up has finally opened some. China still has ships sitting in their big ports (due to Covid restrictions there). However, our production that has been running at least four months behind has improved and we are now only about two months behind sales. We believe that our manufacturing will be caught up by years end.

We welcome our one new dealer; Chesapeake RV Solutions; located at 3360 S Battlefield Blvd., Chesapeake, VA 23322. Their phone number is (757) 432-0222.

We will be working to get more new dealers, hopefully in Oregon, Utah, Ohio and Indiana in the near future.

Be safe out there. Check your tires before you take off on your trip. Happy camping!


Paul Wipf