It’s been a while since we last updated you with our newsletter. We’ve been busy brainstorming, researching, and designing some exciting new things at TrailManor.

This photo is a picture of the new Trailmanor building that we will be moving into late spring, early summer 2024! The steel frame is up, now for the walls! All the staff at Trailmanor are looking forward to more space, new equipment and driving to work on paved roads.

Trailmanor is always busy adding more trailers to the road, but we are ramped up more than usual putting out our new 2720 SPORT models. These new models include off road tires and wheels, lights on chassis frame and awning, 2.5’ lift kit, rear mounted spare tire, 12V air compressor, custom roof rack, blue tooth speakers, dry flush toilet, and microwave air fryer, with optional 17” griddle and 12v 6 pack cooler for the more extreme sportsman (or sportswoman).

If you would like speak to someone about pricing on the new SPORT model, please contact our sales representative, Bob Douglas, at

If you have a bit older Trailmanor and are looking for assistance, you can always give us a call. We love helping our customers. In some cases, the factory may not have the legacy parts you are looking for. You can always try reaching out to the Trailmanor community in a few different ways – the Trailmanor Fans Facebook page, Trailmanor Trailblazers (check for a local chapter near you), and the Trailmanor Forum. If you are having an issue, chances are someone else on one of these sites has already had the same issue and has a fix to help your situation.

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving!