It is August in South Dakota! Not only can you tour our TrailManor factory (any week day), you can join in with the bikers at the 80th annual Sturgis Rally (August 7-16) – and eat the best watermelon you will ever find at Forestburg (beginning August 15 and it is very near the TrailManor factory). South Dakota’s State Fair is scheduled for September 3-7 in Huron (which, too, is relatively close to our factory (36 miles).

Sturgis is a small town with 6900 people until the annual biker’s rally – then it grows to over 250,000! Forestburg is much smaller with a population of 73 but during the watermelon harvest people from near and far show up to eat the delicious watermelon.

We’ve been working as fast as we can to keep up with orders for new TrailManors and for that we are certainly not complaining – we are excited! Thank YOU for your continued interest in the world’s most unique travel trailer! 

We have encountered some supply issues – getting some materials out of Elkhart IN (i.e. air conditioners) which has created some challenges.  Hopefully those issues will be resolved soon.

Our factory has developed a plumbing guard that is available through Service//Parts (605-239-4002).

Schools will be in session around the country in the next few weeks. We are hoping for the best amid this pandemic.

Stay safe out there!


Paul Wipf