Everything is usual: Wars, storms, inflation, political unrest, etc. We need to continuously remind ourselves that this is all temporary and concentrate on good things, such as getting out with our campers to enjoy nature, seeing unfamiliar places, and experiencing peace and tranquility.

Hopefully, many of you can get to one of the RV shows going on this month. Factory Rep, Casey Zimmerman, was recently at an RV Show with Prosser’s Premium RV Outlet in Sturtevant, Wisconsin. Factory rep, Bob Eickhoff, will be in Richland, Washington, at the open house for Horn Rapids RV Service April 7th – 9th and in Kalispell, Montana, with Van City RV for another show (see more details on our homepage).

The Trailblazer’s Club has made plans for a rally in Sioux Falls South Dakota from July 13 through July 17th. Sioux Falls is close to the factory, and they have plans for a factory tour on the 13th. A block of campsites has been reserved. Plans also include events in Sioux Falls along with evening activities. It all looks like a lot of fun. You can find the information on the Trailblazer’s website (link here under User Groups and Resources).

Also linked to our website is the TrailManor Owner’s Forum. You can find valuable information there as well as these two Facebook pages: TrailManor and TrailManor Fans. Also, please take some time to investigate the TrailManor TrailBlazer’s Club activities. They put a lot of effort into planning interesting and good times for everyone.

The new vented toilet we wrote about in our January newsletter is working well. We are continuously researching for ways to build better so watch for future announcements.

Speaking of the January newsletter, it may be an enjoyable time for anyone to re-read the previous newsletters on our website.

There is not much going on at the factory except the usual production and dreading when we lose workforce to the corn and soybean fields. We are happy for all of you, our customers, who make this all worthwhile.

Happy Easter!

Paul Wipf