This month of August is getting away from me! It is coming to a close pretty fast so I’ll hurry and get this newsletter ‘off the press’.

We remain very busy here at the factory. We are still trying to catch up with the orders. It is a great challenge to face except we don’t like that some of our customers are waiting for their TrailManor travel trailers.

TrailManor is just one of the manufacturers that is confronted with backlogs of orders. We hear from other manufacturers who are in the same boat – so to speak.

The RV industry news is saturated with interesting articles telling how the industry has grown faster and more in the past year than ever before. There are articles about the shortage of camping spots, luxuries such as maid service at some locations, demand pricing at some campgrounds and news about values of campgrounds increasing by impressive numbers; i.e., one account told of one particular campground selling for $3M then several months later selling again for $17M.  Yes, this is an uncharted part of the RV Industry’s life. It is exciting. Growth always brings its challenges, but it will be interesting to watch how this phenomenon settles into place.

The following are some articles we think you could find of interest:

We have new dealers:

Point North RV
3389 West US 10
Ludington, MI 49431

Brown’s Camping Sales
9726 Tara Blvd
Jonesboro, GA  30236

Tulsa RV
20213 E. Admiral Pl.
Catoosa, Oklahoma


Have a great rest of this month. Stay safe and HAPPY CAMPING.

Paul Wipf