In the past newsletters we’ve talked quite a bit about the weather we’ve had here this year – we’ve had more rain than any year in recorded history, the farmers say this is the worst year they have ever lived through, we are now having record cold so no wonder it is worthy of writing about! We know it could be much worse and we also know that some of you know that first hand. Hopefully the rest of this winter will be kind to all of us.

We welcome our new factory representative – Casey Zimmerman. Casey lives in southeast Minnesota. Cory has fifteen years experience in RV sales. We wish them huge successes. They will cover the eastern U.S.

Our other factory representatives, Bob Eickhoff and Jim Schultz, are busy working to build our dealer base in the western part of the U.S. Hopefully the factory can keep up with all the upcoming orders with no delays. We added the option for a second refrigerator on our Model 3124 series trailers. We are making an additional option for the toilet in all models…. (more about that when it happens.)

As you might imagine, service and parts sales are in a lull. Most everyone has their TrailManor in storage until this weather breaks.

RV PRO Magazine published the following story about TrailManor: “Religious Colony Revives TrailManor A unique experiment mixing capitalism within a religious and socialistic culture is unfolding on the plains of southeast South Dakota, where a colony of Hutterites is seeking to help sustain their community of 140 followers by manufacturing TrailManor collapsible folding trailers. The TrailManor brand, established in 1983, was once a successful Tennessee-based product, but fell on hard times since the onset of the Great Recession.”

The schools and churches here have been producing some very special Christmas programs again this year. It is interesting to watch those little children and how they grow from year to year.

Several weeks ago our electricity went out. The experience of using candle light for part of an evening was a reminder of the luxuries we’ve become accustomed to. We are very thankful for all the people who keep our electric service coming into our homes and businesses. It is like most things that we take for granted – we don’t think much about them but when they fail we remember really fast just what a service they provide. This brings us to telling each of you that we do appreciate your business and your communications with us throughout the year. We appreciate the stories you share from your rallies and travels. You are all what makes this business rewarding.

We at TrailManor wish each of you a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

Until January of 2020…..