The numbers 2020 refer to perfect vision but with the world’s fallout from COVID-19 and hearing so many varying opinions it is difficult to stay focused.

All of this has had a negative impact on your spring camping plans. We hope it all works out for your plans to get back very soon. RV Business Magazine has recently shared stories about camping sites opening throughout the country so it may be time to head out on the trail! The National Parks in South Dakota have remained open all along. Maybe this is the year you make plans to travel here where we have Great Faces, Great Places.

We are doing fine here at TrailManor. We hope you can all say the same. This ‘down’ time has afforded us the opportunity to build up our inventory. Sales have remained steady –  a bit slow compared to prior years but nothing concerning. A few of our material suppliers closed shop during this pandemic but are mostly open again.

We are the beginning stages to build our 2021 models – more about that later.

Stay safe, keep in touch and have a great camping season!

Paul Wipf