So far, Punxsutawney Phil was wrong! We have not had six weeks more of winter; however, in mid-February we did have some extremely sub-zero temperatures when the arctic air dropped south. In South Dakota we are prepared for those extreme sub-zero temperatures but in the deep south the freezing temperatures along with snow and ice caused considerable havoc. Hopefully things are pretty much back to normal for our southern friends. By the end of February our temperatures here had climbed to 50 degrees. We’ve had decent and sometimes beautiful weather ever since. Some of the old farmers are saying we’ll have at least one more blizzard – we’ll see; perhaps Punxsutawney Phil will be half right.

In last month’s newsletter I shared some of the problems we’ve had getting materials for building our TrailManors. After that newsletter was published, we learned the company that held our order for the aluminum siding material had shipped our order to another manufacturer. To say we were upset would be an understatement but as with any problem, being upset very long doesn’t help, so we’ll continue building what we can until the aluminum comes in (March 24th). I can only imagine what it will be like when our factory crews are working in full speed and in overtime to get them completed. There is an old adage – Misery loves company – so it kind of helped when we learned that the challenge of getting materials is one across all RV manufacturers. The pandemic created a problem that we had no way to prepare for. We apologize if you are one of the customers waiting to get delivery of your new TrailManor

Some reminders for you on your upcoming camping trips.
–  NEVER move your TrailManor in an open position (the moving parts could be compromised).
–  If for some reason you must get on the top of your TrailManor, place something across the roof for support. Don’t put your full weight on the top.
–  Keep your tires in check – you don’t want a flat or blowout!
–  Consider joining the TrailBlazer group. They have group trips, rallies and many other events you will be interested in.
–  Join the TrailManor Facebook.
–  Join the TrailManor Fans Facebook
–  Join the TrailManor’s owner’s forum.
These sites have a wealth of information for you.

Our sales staff have met some of you at recent RV Shows in Florida, Alabama and Texas. They report to us that the shows were totally successful and TrailManor’s will be showing up in even more neighborhoods. We say, Thank you.

Service/Parts office is just a phone call away – 605-239-4002. You can get your TrailManor serviced here and you are always welcome to visit the factory. We appreciate meeting our customers.

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!