March 16th will be the end of the six-week period which legendary Punxsutawney Phil predicted winter to extend. Here in South Dakota, we’ve experienced a mix of winter/spring but mostly extreme cold! We are hoping for spring weather!  Also, according to another legend, if March comes in like a lamb it will go out like a lion! Time will tell if either of these come to fruition. Well, all these legends are entertaining this time of year as we look forward to spring.

At the factory we are trying our best to get ahead of schedule with manufacturing because we know that soon some of the crew will have to be in the fields planting crops. It is a cycle that goes round and round.

TrailManor’s sales reps have attended some very good RV Shows around the country. We have been more than pleased with the interest and sales of our TrailManor travel trailers. Our dealers are getting ready for another great year of sales.

Orders for parts have been steadily increasing which tells us many of you are gearing up getting your units ready for camping. Soon we will have a steady stream of customers coming in for service work; we look forward to meeting everyone that does travel up here.

We were happy to see that the RV Travel magazine did a feature story on TrailManor travel trailers. You can see the article at This RV Travel magazine provides a daily on-line magazine that is filled with relative articles for campers as well as other great stories. We suggest that you investigate it for yourself.

(Copied from RV Travel on-line magazine)
“A 2019 study by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) revealed that drivers miss using turn signals two billion times a day. By its account, the missed signals result in an estimated two million crashes per year. Think, then blink!”

Another good source for RV tips is on the Outdoorsy site at
One list they published for use before leaving your campsite (we like it):

1 Turn off the water pump and water heater

  1. Put the stabilizer legs up
  2. Close all the windows and vents
  3. Check the brakes and turn signals
  4. Check the tire pressure

By the time we write our next newsletter Daylight Savings will be her; St. Patrick’s Day will have been here and the First Day of Spring!!!

Hoping you enjoy this special time of year.

Paul Wipf