Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow! Six more weeks of winter! If that becomes reality it gives us all more time to get ready for spring. We’ve needed additional time at the factory to catch up manufacturing to the sales – mainly because of the materials we’ve had problems getting. It appears that is all behind us so onward we march into full production!

SUPER BOWL is on the horizon, Valentine’s Day is close at hand as well as President’s Day. February is quite a celebratory month. We at TrailManor hope each of these events will be enjoyable for you.

It is VERY cold in South Dakota. Jack Frost has decorated the trees and other vegetation with white crystals – which is beautiful! Our snow cover isn’t nearly as deep as those of you have on the East Coast; It sounds like you are having more than your share of the ‘white stuff’. We have seen that Arizona and California have had some surprise snow fall.

We have been creative with time at the factory by building everything on the trailers except the walls and roofs so when we get our shipment of aluminum coil we can finish them to get them on transports to the dealers for you.

From all reports the Covid-19 epidemic may be in check; which is great. We have been at RV Shows with dealers again and it has been good to meet many customers and new friends face to face (albeit through masks) and actually be able to visit.  Speaking of RV Shows, thank you to all of you who have placed your order for a new TrailManor travel trailer; you have many hours of good camping trips ahead of you and we are most happy to be part of that.

We’ve had a good number of inquiries asking about the recirculating toilet and the cassette toilet. It is YOUR choice (no extra charge) to choose when you are ordering a new unit (not optional on the Model 2518 series).

As you check over your TrailManor unit getting ready for camping remember to check the seals and re-caulk where needed and please check the tires – you don’t want the experience of a flat tire or blow-out.

I believe we mentioned before that the swing hitch is now a standard feature on all new trailers. It shortens the storage length by two feet.

Have a great month.


Paul Wipf