December kind of snuck up on us here at the factory while we have been concentrating on getting materials. The weather doesn’t seem much like December because we haven’t had any measurable snow yet. Not complaining, mind you but it is strange to have the weather as mild as it has been. It was up to 71 degrees earlier this week!

We have been working diligently to get some changes/updates that we think will be advantageous for our customers. Sorry, we aren’t ready (or at liberty) to tell about it yet so please stay tuned and if/when it happens we’ll share.

We are pleased that we have several new dealers:

11840 W. Rte 66 Ste A
Bellemont Arizona

9726 Tara Blvd
Jonesboro Georgia

20213 E. Admiral Pl
Catoosa Oklahoma

Some of our dealers are preparing to show TrailManor units at RV Shows. When we know for sure what/when/where, we’ll list those shows on our website.

If you are camping in cold weather you may want to put a skirt around your unit to keep some of the cold out, put some window plastic over the windows and use an extra blanket. Some of you are in areas where the night sky is worth being ‘out there’. Last night we could hear the coyotes and owls and those sounds were almost luring me out to get closer. The next full moon will be December 18th. Maybe you can enjoy it from your campsite.

Merry Christmas to each of you. Get ready to make all new – New Year Resolutions!

Until 2022…

Paul Wipf