April showers bring May flowers! With the amount of rain we have had this past week we should be getting a good crop of flowers. The tree buds are ready to burst forth with new leaves; the cows are calving and life is coming anew. It is a wonderful time of year. And, can it really be that life is getting back to normal? At least here in South Dakota with the mask mandates and social gathering restrictions being lifted. It is a good thing!

We have a lot of new trailer orders coming in so our factory is in full operation trying to keep up with the demand. This, too, is a good thing.

We see on Facebook that many TrailManor owners are out at campsites enjoying the good life. That is so very good. We love being part of your adventures outdoors.

This week is ‘National Parks Week’; South Dakota is lucky to be home to seven of our nation’s National Parks, Monuments and Recreation Areas. Just a few are the Badlands, Mount Rushmore, and the Missouri River. South Dakota is also home to sixty-nine Hutterite colonies – similar to the Upland Colony where our factory is located. South Dakota has so much to offer – you may just have to do a little research to find it all.

We are sharing several recent articles we have read. The first had a checklist for when you hook up your trailer. We believe that it is worth sharing.

  • Trailer ball matches coupler size
  • Trailer ball properly torqued on the ball mount
  • Ball mount secured in the receiver tube with a hitch pin or lock
  • Trailer ball fully engaged in the coupler
  • Coupler latch in the locked position and secured with a safety pin or lock
  • Trailer jack fully retracted
  • Electrical plug firmly inserted in the vehicle socket
  • Safety chains hooked up and crisscrossed underneath the coupler
  • Running lights, brake lights and turn signals working on the vehicle and trailer
  • Breakaway switch cable securely attached to the vehicle
  • Break control working and properly adjusted to the trailer’s weight

The other article was in RV PRO’s February 2021 magazine (page 32). It is an article about Ken & Jan Grack who have a mobile RV repair business in Berthoud CO (northern Colorado).  If you would need service while in that area, their phone # is 720-684-8086.

We want to explain that because we have a backlog of manufacturing due to the Covid-related inability to get materials, we may not be able to schedule all of our service work right away. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please know we will do everything we can to schedule your service work in as soon as possible.

We hope you will enjoy these spring days as much as we are.

Until next month.

Paul Wipf