Greetings from the VERY cold state of South Dakota! We think that we have had our share of snow and cold but the weather forecasters say differently! Our bird feeders empty really fast – I wonder where they would get their food without our feeders!

Our new website is UP and running! Please take a minute to view it.  By the way, we welcome any and all comments and suggestions that you may have. Notice that the banner on the left side on the front page lists upcoming RV Shows where TrailManors will be showcased.

Sales Reps, Bob Eickhoff and Casey Zimmerman are busy visiting dealers and working to set up new dealers. We’ll announce any changes on our website.  Bob was at the Colorado RV Show in Denver a few weeks ago then in Kansas City at Bartle Hall for that RV Show. Casey is at the Nashville RV Show with Bankston Motorhomes THIS weekend.

Several of our dealers have orders for units to be delivered early spring for customers that are going to be ‘out there’ with the rest of TrailManor owners. We can imagine the anticipation those customers are experiencing. Other orders lately have been for RV Shows. We have been busy at our factory!

We are working to getting dealers in Canada. We always have a lot of interest from our northern neighbors. Also, we are in contact with interested dealers in China. Several years ago we shipped 20 TrailManors to China and good interest has surfaced. We’ll keep you posted.

We are excited for the upcoming TrailBlazer Rallies. If you haven’t joined that organization yet be sure to do it. They have some very good rallies planned. You can visit their website through the link on our website.

The following link is to Passport America’s online article regarding CAMPGROUND ETIQUETTE. Sometimes it is helpful to be reminded of such things.


Stay warm and enjoy what is left of winter. Until next month…

Paul Wipf