TrailManor Travel Trailers

Designed to be the lightest travel trailers on the road

Imagine a travel trailer that offers all the room you need, but is still light enough to be towed with a properly equipped minivan, crossover or SUV.

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    TrailManor is a unique hardwall trailer that’s specially designed to provide the easy folding of a fold-down camper along with the luxury and comfort of a traditional upright travel trailer.

    A TrailManor folds down for efficient towing, but sets up in just five minutes, as easily as opening a car trunk. Unlike many folding trailers, you don’t have to crank or wrestle with wet canvas or bed supports. You can even open a TrailManor in the rain without the interior getting wet.

    TrailManor is a hardwall, lightweight trailer…

    that folds down easily, and sets up in a matter of minutes, without cranking or wrestling with wet canvas. Today, this idea is recognized as one of the most innovative trailers available in the recreation industry.

    Remarkable Comfort and Style

    The fresh new colors are comfortable, warm and inviting. Beds are permanent and out of the way of the living space. Counter space is plentiful, even on smaller models. And dining tables are spacious and easily stored for travel.

    The new TrailManors are really something to see. This year’s models feature upscale sofas in colors that are designed to be fashionable–and stay in style for years.

    Why TrailManors are Different

    If you compare TrailManors to other travel trailers, they are half the weight. The weight reduction is the result of innovative engineering using aircraft technology and materials.

    Walls are made from light insulating polystyrene foam sandwiched between aluminum for exceptional strength. There is no particle board or chipboard anywhere in the trailer.

    Floors and even countertops are also foam filled, which cost more to build, but greatly reduces towing weight. Folddown models benefit even more because drag is reduced dramatically. TrailManor uses computer design to locate axle position so that trailer sway is avoided. The axles are placed farther back to eliminate the tendency for the trailer to sway. In fact, many TrailManor owners say their trailers tow even better than their tent campers did.

    Why choose TrailManor? Here are six great reasons!