A TrailManor has all the equipment of a conventional box travel trailer plus our innovative folding mechanism. Folding trailers are more expensive to build than box trailers. Five separate body parts must be built with extra edge finishing and special hardware added. Top quality components, such as our 3″ panel floor, also add cost but enhance towabilty and livability. Special fabrication methods include joining all body panels with screws and then folding the aluminum skin over the joint to protect against leakage. The underside of the floor is aluminum to avoid water damage.  Even the holes for attaching components to the underside are pre-drilled and filled with silicone sealant to avoid wood rot and rusting. These construction techniques add cost but extend the useful life and value of the trailer.

Even though a TrailManor may cost more initially than some other trailers, it is less expensive to own. Our quality construction makes the trailer sturdy and more reliable. Our light weight saves money on fuel and on tow vehicle wear and tear.

Many people even save money because our light weight means they don’t have to buy a new tow vehicle to pull the size of trailer they need.

In addition, most TrailManors can be stored in a regular sized garage, saving you money on storage fees.