We build smarter. The TrailManor body is constructed from vacuum-bonded sandwich panels using aluminum on both sides. The aluminum is bonded to a polystyrene adhesive, which is much stronger than more commonly used neoprene contact cement.

This panel construction, using dual aluminum skins, is more rigid than conventional “stick” construction, so heavy internal framing isn’t necessary. In addition to saving a considerable amount of weight, this panel design provides much better insulation than internally framed structures, where most heat loss occurs around and through the framing.

The floor of a TrailManor uses the same rigid, double skin sandwich panel construction, except the foam core is 3″ thick with plywood under the top aluminum skin to absorb surface impact loads. Our 3″ floor is much stronger and better insulated than particleboard or plywood floors used in other trailers, and it feels great on cold mornings.

Our lightweight design doesn’t compromise quality. Our laminated countertops are much lighter than particleboard, and they don’t swell with moisture. This cuts extra pounds of unnecessary weight without sacrificing strength.

We build our own chassis from 2″ x 5″ tubular steel using inert gas automatic welding equipment to assure the finest welds. Our rigid floor design doesn’t need heavy floor joist cross members. This alone saves 300 pounds of unnecessary steel weight.