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6 Reasons to Choose a TrailManor


There are several things to consider when making your choice. They include...

Fuel Economy

It only takes about one extra gallon of gas to tow a TrailManor 100 miles.

Easy Towing

You can tow a TrailManor with a properly equipped minivan, crossover, or SUV.

Simple Setup

In about two minutes, you can set up your TrailManor - as easy as opening a car trunk.


Imagine being able to store a 30-foot trailer in a standard garage.

Multiple Floorpans

Inside a TrailManor, you get amenities you'd expect only in a traditional upright trailer or motor home.


TrailManor RVs cost more than other trailers you might consider. But we put more into TrailManor than other manufacturers.

In fact, there are six great reasons why TrailManor could be the trailer for you.

Easy on gasTrailManor travel trailers are easy towing--and very easy on gas.  In fact, it only takes about one extra gallon of gas to tow a 30-foot TrailManor 100 miles.

That's because TrailManors not only fold down to reduce wind resistance, but they are also manufactured with special techniques and materials that reduce weight dramatically.  Walls are made of expanded polystyrene laminated with alumninum for strength.  Floors feature a laminated construction as well that cuts excess weight.   Even countertops are laminated with lightweight materials so that they cut more pounds.

Not only does this mean less weight to tow, but it also means more storage capability without exceeding tow vehicle weight limits.

TowingYou can tow a TrailManor with a properly equipped minivan, crossover, or SUV. That includes some of the most popular vehicles on the road today.

Toyota Rav 4. Honda Pilot. Nissan Murano. All smaller tow vehicles. And all capable of towing a 30-foot TrailManor without breathing hard.

In fact, the 30-foot TrailManor is well under the 3,500 pound towing limit of many of the most popular vehicles in the nation. And any properly equipped mini-van, SUV, or crossover can tow a TrailManor.

That opens up a big market for dealers. And big opportunities for RV buyers, who don't have to buy a bigger vehicle or sacrifice if they own a smaller one.

TrailManor Torsion Lift It usually takes less than two minutes to set up a TrailManor. That means less campsite prep and more vacation.

Setting up has never been easier. First you release the latches that keep the trailer secure for towing. Then an easy pull opens the top sections. These are specially counter balanced, so it's as simple as opening a car trunk. The reliable TrailManor torsion bar lift system has never failed to open. The torsion bars come with a limited lifetime warranty. You have permanent beds, but you don't have to wrestle with bed supports, because they pull out automatically. You get more time to relax, because it takes almost no time to set up.

garage storageA 30-foot TrailManor will fit into your garage.

TrailManor travel trailers have the unique advantage of folding down for easy towing--and easy storage. A TrailManor is only about five feet high when closed, more than low enough to fit into any garage or storage structure.

And what's more, you can get an optional swing-around tongue that reduces the trailer length by two feet. This allows you to store a 30-foot TrailManor in a standard sized home garage with the door closed.  How's that for convenient?

interiorStep inside a TrailManor, and you’ll see why there’s a lot to like. There’s plenty of room, with an open living area, elegant amenities, and plenty of creature comforts. 

Most models have a hardwall bathroom, and all have a full kitchen with stove, sink and refrigerator. TrailManors feature upscale upholstery, cherry-finish cabinets, polished pewter hardware and tile-look floors.

Options include electric tongue jacks, a satellite dish, and even a solar panel.

TrailManor RVs cost more than other trailers you might consider.  But we put more into TrailManor than other manufacturers.  So even though you may pay a little more, you get a lot more value. Take a look at just some of the reasons why TrailManor is a smarter choice for your camping adventures.

Tubular Steel Chassis and Computer Balanced Axles

chassisWe start with a chassis made from 2 x 5 inch tubular steel, precision welded to produce a rigid, rugged frame.  Computer balanced rubber torsion axles with independent suspension and radial tires give TrailManor trailers a smooth, trouble-free ride

Three-Inch Thick Floors For Strength and Insulation

floorsOur 3″ floors feature a special laminated construction that is stronger, more durable, lighter, and better insulated than other trailer floors made from particle board or plywood. That helps keep the weight of the whole trailer low for easy towing, yet gives you a floor you can count on. And our insulation means you stay more comfortable year-round, and use less energy to do it.

Aluminum Underbelly For Protection and Durability

underbellyInstead of inexpensive plastic, we protect the undercarriage of every TrailManor with a stronger, much more durable aluminum skin.  This provides not just extra protection, but extra structural strength as well.

Laminated Walls and Roofs

laminatedTrailManor walls and roof are built using a special laminated construction of polystyrene insulation with aluminum on both sides. Our special lightweight walls are better insulated than conventional travel trailers. It’s more expensive to build a trailer this way, but it cuts hundreds of pounds from the overall weight, making towing easier.

Torsion Power Lift Technology

torsion liftOur patented torsion bar lift system counterbalances the weight of the roof sections, allowing you to open a TrailManor as easily as opening a car trunk. Thanks to the Torsion Power Lift System, you can essentially pick up 700 pounds with one hand. The system features a lifetime warranty.

Kristal Kote Exterior

kristal koteOur exterior panels feature a unique coating that is resistant to many elements found in the environment such as air pollution, acid rain, and general airborne dirt. In addition to being tough, the coating is also easy to clean—with just a mild soap solution and a soft cloth.

Double Roof Seal Keeps Water Out

double roof sealOur unique double roof seal design allows you to open or close your trailer in the rain without the interior getting wet, unlike a tent camper.

Unique Innovations

hitchTrailManor was founded by an engineer, so we constantly look for new ideas to improve our trailers.  Here’s one of our best—our innovative Swing Hitch, which reduces the length of our trailers by two feet, allowing even large models to be stored in a standard-sized garage with the door closed.

LED Interior and Exterior Lights

led lightingAll TrailManor lighting (with the exception of our exterior patio lights) have been switched to new LED technology. LED lights use significantly less energy, last longer, and provide pleasing, efficient lighting.

Large Electric Brakes For Safety

brakesTrailManor retractable trailers are hundreds of pounds lighter than other travel trailers, so they’re already easier to tow and stop. But we take safety further. We fit every TrailManor with 9-inch electric brakes. They are bigger than they need to be (for extra safety), and they provide plenty of stopping power whenever you need it.