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TrailManor's Newsletter Fall - 2016


Yet another catastrophe at TrailManor! Our website had been down for well over one month! Our webmaster had two medical emergencies in the middle of all this so we've struggled. We apologize for the inconvenience. It is BACK :-)

The summer has flown past; school starts again in just one week! There are some fantastic beautiful days ahead for all of us to enjoy. You who are out traveling and camping are lucky.... those of us who spend the days working will enjoy the evenings and weekends.

So many of you have shared your travel experiences in pictures with us - thank you! We enjoy seeing your TrailManor 'out there'.

We've had several TrailManor units in for Service because of accidents with Elk and Deer and we are happy to report that no one has been injured (poor animals though).

We have a new dealer - Peitz GMC - here in Hartington. This is the first dealer we've had in this state. TrailManor travel trailers are a whole new experience for them but they have had a lot of activity.


Check the tires on your TrailManor unit! Blowouts and flats seem to be on the upswing. Generally a blowout results in needing a new gray water tank. You could save yourself time and money by making sure your tires are good.

REMINDERS From the TrailManor Owner's Manual:

You should check for leaks at the connections on the LP Gas system soon after purchase and initial filling of the LP tanks. Continued periodic checks of the system are recommended. The vibration encountered during travel can loosen connections or cause cracks. Your vehicle was manufactured to provide you with full access to all gas line connections. Leaks can be found easily with a soapy water solution applied to the outside of the gas piping connections: the soap will bubble at the leak.

DO NOT use flame or lighted matches to test for leaks. Usually tightening the connections will close leaks. If not, ask your authorized dealer service department to make the necessary repairs.

LP gas is heavier than air. Leaking gas tends to flow to low places. It will sometimes pocket in a low area.

LP gas can usually be detected by an identifiable odor similar to onions or garlic. Never light a match or allow any open flame in the presence of leaking gas.

It is very important to have the main LP gas valve shut off during refueling of tow vehicles.

Never allow gas containers to be filled above the liquid capacity indicated on the container. If a container is overfilled, liquid gas may flow through the regulator causing it to freeze and/or introduce a dangerous excessive gas pressure into the lines. In addition, an overfilled container placed in hot sunlight may expel excess gas through the relief valve and be susceptible to ignition by any nearby open flame.

CAUTION: TURN GAS BOTTLES OFF WHEN LOWERING TRAILER. The refrigerator should be switched to 12-volt operation while towing. Operation of gas appliances in the lowered trailer can cause fire or other serious damage.


We are now manufacturing 2017 models - prices stayed the same as for the 2016 models. The only noticeable change is wood for the cabinets. (See photo.)

New Cabinets

We will no longer build the Model 2417; we replaced it with a Model 2518. Really all we did was add four inches. Everything else remains the same.

The Model 2417 Sport is now a Model 2518 Sport. Like the Model 2417 Sport, it is six inches narrower than the classic model. (Again, all we did was added four inches).

RECIPES for camping

Fresh Corn Ears:
Roast above the open fire or on a grill - still in the shocks. Turn so both sides are cooked. When cooked (about 5-6 minutes) cut the bottom off just above where the corn is on the cob. Squeeze the top to get the corn out - viola! Ready to eat - no silk or stock.

Frozen corn on the cob:
Place individual ears of corn, still frozen, on a piece of heavy aluminum foil. Top with Toni's, salt and pepper, and a pat of butter. Wrap each ear of corn with foil and twist the ends. I then place the individual wraps right on an open fire, but I have placed them on the grill too. Takes about 5 to 10 minutes. Enjoy!

A Note From Our Customer's

The following email was addressed to Linda and Sonja in our Parts/Service Department.
"... You two have been wonderful. Customer service at its best. I almost want something else to break. Not complaining about my Trail Manor. Previous owner stored it on an airport tarmac, uncovered, in the Sacramento Valley sun....and it survived.