TrailManor wants to help you make the right decision when shopping for a travel trailer.

There are several things to consider when making your choice. They include tow vehicle, trailer weight, fuel economy, storage, features, floor plans, and construction and quality.

In fact, there are five great reasons why TrailManor could be the trailer for you.

Reason 1:  Fuel Mileage.

It only takes about one extra gallon of gas to tow a TraiilManor 100 miles.                                                                             Read more
Reason 2:  Tow Vehicles.

Chances are, you already have what it takes to tow a TrailManor.
                                                                                    Read more
Reason 3:  Easy Setup.
In about two minutes, you can set up your TrailManor.  It's as easy as opening a car trunk.                                                         Read more
Reason 4:  Remarkable Luxury.
Inside a TrailManor, you get amenities you'd expect only in a traditional upright trailer or motor home.                                             Read more
Reason 5:  Easy Storage.
Imagine being able to store a 30-foot trailer in a standard garage.
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You don't have to unhook your TrailManor from your tow vehicle to set up.

In fact, complete setup of a TrailManor takes just a couple of minutes.

Counterbalancing makes it as easy as opening a car trunk.


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