Check Your Vehicle's Tow Rating:
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They can all tow a 30-foot TrailManor. Easily.

In fact, their 3500 lb. tow rating is well above what’s needed for one of our 30-foot trailers.

TrailManors tow so easily and efficiently that for many vehicles, it only takes one extra gallon of gas to tow a TrailManor 100 miles.

Want to check your vehicle's tow rating?  The best source we've found is Trailer Life magazine's tow rating guide.  You can view their guide by vehicle model year by the links at the top of the page or in the table below:

Vehicle Tow Ratings By Model Year

A few more notes about tow ratings:

Tow ratings for vehicles should be described as “general guidelines”. Actual towing limits depend on towing speed, highway grades, elevation, desired acceleration, miles towed per year, tow vehicle loading, frontal area of trailer, sway resistance of trailer, etc.

TrailManor provides uniquely easy towing per pound due to the very low wind drag and the very stable ride resulting from axle placement.

Light duty towing of a well-balanced trailer a few hundred pounds above the rating is much safer than towing a lighter, poorly balanced unit with a tendency to sway. Also, towing an upright trailer with large frontal area at highway speeds can damage a transmission even if the trailer weight is below the tow rating.

Adding options, batteries, gear, fluids can increase loaded weights as much as 1000 pounds above the base weight of a specific trailer. You should add 500- 1000 pounds to the base weights to estimate the actual towed weight.

Based on feedback from our owners, we provide the following model guidance:

Mostly low altitudes, only occasional steep grades, part time service, normal highway speeds - Models 2619 through 3023 need at least 3500 pound tow rated vehicles and Models 3124 through 3326 need 4000 pound ratings.

High mountain towing, full time service - all models will perform better with at least 4000 pound rated tow vehicles.

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